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A house and the people it finds in the wake of a terrible storm. After a hurricane devastates a seaside village, an abandoned home travels through the wreckage to rescue the people who have fallen through the cracks. A story about belonging, found families, and the redemptive power of companionship.

Rain on the Roof features:
- Lovely low-poly art
- A touching story driven by six whole characters, one of whom is inanimate
- Feelings?
- An adaptive original soundtrack
- Several extremely deadly... fire hydrants?
- A trampoline!

Created during the Global Game Jam 2019.

Producer: Leonor Afonso
Level/Enemy Designer: Ben Heid
2D Artist, Co-Producer: P. B. Manning
3D Modeler: Edwin Suifeng Liu
Writer: Kieran Sheldon
Composer/Sound Designer: SungHa Hong
Programmers: Xing Liu, Chaitali Ladikkar, Himanshu Sharma, Kieran Sheldon
Voice Acting: Ben Heid (Gerald), Kieran Sheldon (Will),  Leonor Afonso (Tina), P. B. Manning (Julia, Cerci)


Rain on the Roof (Mac).zip 55 MB
Rain on the Roof (Windows).zip 50 MB

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